Faces of Time. The Role of Metaphor in Abstract Conceptualization

Autor: Katarzyna Pawłowska

Wydawnictwo: WSFiZ, Białystok, 2011
Ilość stron: 208
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The main purpose of this study is to provide reliable evidence for the central role of metaphor
in the conceptualization of abstract notions, such as Time. The present study comprises an
analysis of Time’s metaphoric and metonymic mappings in English, as well as attempting to
grasp the overall cognitive model of this multifaceted concept. Its purpose is also to
investigate bodily and cultural motivation for Time metaphors, their social sanctioning as well
as the constraints on metaphorical projection. Many examples analyzed throughout this study,
which come both from everyday language and literary works, will make us aware of the fact,
perhaps with great astonishment, that the same general, higher-order instruments lie beneath
literary creation and everyday communication.